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Poker Tells: Chips Stacking, Buying and Looking Tells

Now here are poker tells related to chips. In a casino, you exchange real money for chips. The chips represent your money at the poker table.


A re-buy is when a player looses all their chips and has to buy new ones.

- The way a player buys new chips often reflects their mental state. If they are anxious or showy, they may actually be upset but are trying to convince you they are okay and raring for more action. They may be buying new chips to save face, or maybe they just want to keep on gambling. Either way, you can beat them with good hands. But don't bluff as they may be very eager to win.

Stacking Profit Chips

As said in a previous section, how you stack your chips betray information abut you as a player. In addition:

- If a player keeps a separate stack for chips they've won, keep an eye on it. The more they have stacked, the harder they are to bluff. But if it's not many and you bet more or the same amount, they fold easily. When they play a hand, be careful. Fold medium hands. Respect their bets and don't call often. If they raise, you better have a monster.

- After a big win, a player would often want to arrange the chips they have won. If they are not too tight about money, they may bet even a mediocre hand while they organize their chips. But if they look interested and maybe pause from their stacking, watch out. It takes a very good hand for them to play.

Chip Glancing

Everyone looks at their chips. This is an important type of poker tell.

- When your opponent looks at their cards first, and their chips second, they have decided to bet. This is usually instinctive.

- When a player glances momentarily at their chips after card(s) are dealt, it usually means the last card(s) helped their hand. They don't want you to notice that though, so they look away from their chips almost immediately. Be on the lookout for this tell as it happens very quickly.

- When a player stares at your chips for some time, they are calculating a bet against you. Usually they are planning a bluff and want to know how much to bet to make you fold. But if their glance isn't too long, it is more likely they will be betting for value.