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Poker Tells: How to Hide Your Own Poker Tells

Now you have read so much about poker tells and how to exploit them to defeat your opponents, the question arises: How do YOU hide your own poker tells? How can you avoid giving away any clues?

No one can play poker without giving away at least a few tells. Everyone has them, even the pros. But there are ways to minimize the number and kind of tells you display.

Tips to Disguise Your Own Poker Tells

- Wear sunglasses.

- Be as calm as possible.

- Be the same in all situations. The more uniform your acts and mannerisms, the harder you will be to read.

- Assume correct posture with spine erect. This keeps you mentally alert and helps disguise your mood.

- Think or at least pause before you act. For instance, do not check quickly when your hand does not improve.

- Avoid conversation. Say a few polite words only so they won't be able to get information from you.

- Wear gloves.

- Keep your face and body relaxed. Do not tighten anything.

- Use acting selectively. Judge how smart or na´ve (as the case may be) your opponent is. If you know them to be experienced, do not use predictable poker acts such as those described in these lessons. Be subtle. But if you are up against "fish," you can use these acts more liberally.

The Big Secret to Avoid Showing Poker Tells

Now that we have satisfied with you with a few quick tips, it is time for the real thing. Here is the big poker secret to avoid giving away any poker tells:

You have heard of "poker face." Be a poker face ALWAYSů in AND out of the poker room.

In other words, assume the same coolness that you try to use in poker in your daily life as well. Why? Because this is how the great actors do it, Hollywood or not. Do you think that those award-winning actors start acting only when the camera rolls? Wrong. Many do. But the REALLY good actors LIVE their characters all the time, from the time they've read the script and agreed to play the part, up to the last day of shooting the film. They do not ACT the part, they BECOME the part.

To give an example, a serious British actor is going to play an American serial killer in his latest movie. He gets a speech coach so he can develop an American accent. But do you think he speaks wit an American accent only when on-camera? No. If he is serious about what he is doing, he will practice his American accent for months on end and will not stop until filming is over. The result is a more convincing performance by the actor when the movie finally hits the big screen.

It should be the same in poker. If you are serious about winning in poker, be prepared to devote a big part of your life to it. Learn to be calm under pressure and to control your emotions. Be watchful of other people and see through their tricks. That's what separates the great players from the average ones.

Sessue Hayakawa, a silent screen actor, once lost nearly $1 million in a casino. A fellow Japanese man lost the same amount and killed himself. Hayakawa, a Zen master, merely shrugged off the loss. The difference? The Mind.


Learn from that and play better poker!