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Poker Tells: Strong is Weak Tells

After the "weak is strong" we come to "strong is weak."

Strong is Weak

When you are dealt a weak or marginal hand in poker, you want to get as many people as you can to fold. If possible, you want all of them to fold. So you bluff. You try to look scary and imposing to the other players.

This is why "strong means weak" in poker tells study. If you want other players to fold, why make them think it is safe to bet against you?

Recognizing "strong is weak" tells is indispensable for the serious poker player. When you know your opponent has a weak hand, it creates an extremely profitable situation for you. If you hold even a medium-strength hand, you can bet to them knowing the chances are good you will beat them.

In the long run, you will make a lot of money in this way. A whole lot more than you would if you only played premium hands. You don't get premium hands very often, do you? No. But if you are dealt medium-strength hands and you know when to play them (i.e. when none of your opponents have strong hands), you win more hands and thus, more money.

- Forcefulness is often used by players pretending to be strong. Forceful acts are often done when bluffing. When it is directed at no one in particular, it is no doubt a bluff. But beware, a player who directs their aggression directly at you may be luring you into a bet.

- When a player speaks louder than usual when they bet, as if trying to sound impressive, it's usually a bluff.

- When a player pushes their chips in a forceful manner, it's clearly a bluff.

- Exaggerated acts are related to forceful acts. An example is placing a bet with a finger outstretched as if for emphasis. The player wants to look powerful.

- Bluffers want the center stage to themselves when they bet. But when it is not their turn, they want to disappear. Observe a player who seems to hold their breath, and not doing what they normally would. This person, in all likelihood, is bluffing.

Naturally, when you identify a player as bluffing, you should bet into them. Call their bluffs and play wider range of hands. Just don't make it obvious you saw through their bluff, or they will try to be more careful next time.