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Poker Tells: Weak is Strong Tells

Now here are the very reliable "weak means strong" poker tells.

Weak is Strong

When you are dealt a very strong hand in poker, you need to keep other players in the pot. The more active players there are, the more money you stand to win at the showdown. So what do you do? You "slow play" the hand and try to look as non-threatening as possible. If you let others know you have a monster by the way you act, they will be afraid and fold (unless they are a maniac or have a strong hand too). But if you pretend to have a poor hand, they will stay thinking they can beat you.

This is why "weak means strong" in the study of poker tells. Players with great hands will do anything to keep you betting so they can take your money later. That's poker.

One exception to this rule is when you have a strong but not unbeatable hand, such as a Three of a Kind in a well-connected board. Then you'd want to eliminate as many opponents as you can as soon as possible, before they get a chance to improve their hands.

- When a player is obviously pretending to be weak, and they bet, they have s strong hand. Call them only with a good hand.

- When a player makes an obvious shrug as if trying to look uncertain, they have a strong hand. They want you to think they are making an uncertain bet and that you can beat them. Call only with a strong hand. This is a very reliable tell.

- When a player looks away as others bet around, they have a strong hand. They want to be non-intimidating so they keep their eyes off you. If they are protective of their cards as well, it is a sure sign they have a good hand. Do not call a player like this except with a very strong hand.

- When community cards hit the board and someone looks and then promptly looks away, the cards helped them.

- Someone who seems about to fold their hand just as another player is betting has a made hand. They want to encourage the betting player.

- If a player pauses only to raise, it is indicative of a strong hand. This also applies if it is a check-raise. They do not want to raise instantly or else the other players might fold. If it is a no-limit game and they go all in, you better take cover!

Faced with a strong player, call them only when you have a strong hand as well. Otherwise, fold. This is the value of these poker tells. You can save yourself a few bets knowing you are up against the unbeatable.